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Health On Koh Samui :

Medical centers in most of Thailand, and Koh Samui in particular, provide a full range of high quality healthcare services. The island boasts several multi-field hospitals to fit in with any budget. The names of most of these polyclinics carry the prefix “International”, meaning they specialize in serving foreign patients. Private practices with qualified doctors are also available and these small clinics are usually substantially cheaper.

Pharmacy shops are found throughout the island so getting prescription drugs and medical supplies will take no time at all. Since the pharmaceutical industry in Thailand is well established, you will be able to buy generic prescription drugs which are much cheaper than their brand name alternatives. You can also be certain that you will never be sold counterfeit medication. Most pharmacies in the tourist areas of the island offer catalogues to help you locate a generic drug that corresponds to your prescription.


Koh Samui Hospital is conveniently located near the island’s capital of Nathon. Despite the fact that this is the cheapest hospital on Koh Samui (an appointment with a specialist here costs about 200 Baht), its doctors are as highly qualified as their colleagues from more expensive clinics. The downside is waiting for hours in a queue for your doctor’s appointment, even if your illness or injury is urgent. Most of the patients here are locals, and employees don’t speak much English.

Three other medical centers — Samui International Hospital in Chaweng, and Bandon International Hospital and the Thai International Hospital in Bophut — also offer a wide range of medical services, including emergency care. Overall, each of these hospitals is a good choice for uncomplicated cases and can be recommended to travelers on medium budgets.

If you are looking for the cream of the crop in Thai healthcare, there is no alternative better than the world-class Bangkok Samui Hospital. This is the island’s best medical facility, which features the latest equipment, a 5-star hotel with luxurious interior furnishings, and a qualified and dedicated team of English-speaking doctors in various fields. It is very deserving of its reputation as the best and the most expensive health institution on Samui. Please take note that many insurance companies will try to sell you an insurance plan which doesn’t reimburse the amount you pay for Bangkok Samui Hospital services. We strongly suggest that you purchase travel insurance that covers the quality services of this hospital.

It is standard practice at any Thai hospital to be directed to a local pharmacist following a doctor’s appointment. There, you can buy the medication just prescribed and get the pharmacist to prepare the exact amount you need as well as provide precise instructions on the way to administer it (also in writing).

Regardless of how healthy you are and whether you travel with children or alone, we strongly recommend that you purchase insurance coverage for each family member before you depart for Thailand.

Childbirth in Thailand

More and more women are now choosing Koh Samui for pregnancy and childbirth management. We recommend expecting mothers to make use of the services at Bangkok Hospital Samui, the best hospital on the island. Its luxury patient rooms are on par with a five-star hotel, and highly qualified doctors as well as some very affordable prices will make your experience truly memorable. Your baby will also have a special birth certificate with Koh Samui, Thailand written as the place of birth!

In addition, numerous spa centers in Thailand offer special massages for pregnant women to help them reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and combat muscle strain. It is very difficult, yet highly important for pregnant women to relax, both physically and mentally, during this very important period of her life. Samui is the perfect place to have a baby. Could it be any other way? With exotic fruit, gorgeous blue sea, opulent accommodation and friendly locals, the entire experience is sure to have a profound positive impact on your child’s development both before and after his or her birth.

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