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As we have already mentioned, there are plenty of fantastic recreational facilities for both parents and kids in Thailand. To further help you prepare for your trip, we have gathered some important information for parents on how to avoid the tiniest of problems while relaxing with your children in Thailand.

Koh Samui and the Sun

The sun in Thailand is brighter than in most European countries and is practically always shining. All parents would agree that it is almost impossible to keep the little ones out of the sun. If there is a beach, they will want to explore it at any cost and they will have no time to sit in the shade! This is why you should think about sun protection. You’ll need a cream with UV protection of 50 or higher as well as headwear for your baby. There is no need to bring these necessities from home though as you can simply buy them at 7-Eleven, Family Mart or any another local mini-market.

Food in Koh Samui

Many Thai dishes are extremely spicy and we recommend that you always ask the waiters to avoid this (say “mai pet” in Thai). Despite this, even the blandest food coming out of a Thai kitchen could still be very spicy for your child’s sensitive tastes. This is why it is important to avoid local places with traditional cuisine that have a Thai-only menu. Fortunately, Koh Samui is a great place for tourists and you can certainly find several places where you can eat with children. There are many cafes and restaurants serving Thai dishes which have been adapted for tourists’ tastes as well as a variety of European dishes too.

One of the best places for families is Fuji which is found inside Tesco Lotus on Chaweng. This Japanese restaurant offers a great variety of tasty yet mild dishes with a large choice of soft drinks and desserts at very reasonable prices.

And of course you can rent one of our villas for rent in Koh Samui. Here, you can utilize the fully furnished kitchen to cook everything that your children need. You can find a wide variety of ingredients at local hypermarkets and superstores. There are also several European bakeries that make wonderful bread, as well as a special shop near Makro where every milk lover can buy yogurt, cheese and other dairy products.

Children’s Goods in Koh Samui

Don’t bring too many nappies with you to Samui as you will not have to prepare for every single day of your vacation. The local stores sell a wide range of affordable nappies made in Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and elsewhere. You also won’t need to take a heap of toys from home. Simply bring along their favorite ones, as you can purchase many plastic and fluffy toys for girls and boys of different ages in Samui at some very reasonable prices. This includes children’s clothes too, such as shirts, shorts, skirts and swimwear. Other goods for a comfortable vacation can also be found around the island.

Koh Samui Beaches for Family Recreation

As beach conditions depend on the seasons and tides, try to clarify information about the state of a specific beach before renting a villa for your vacation. Keep in mind that some of the island’s beaches have sharp coral and stones for the whole year round. We do not recommend bathing in such places with or without children.

Traveling with Children on Koh Samui

When traveling with children, you should only use four-wheeled vehicles, for example, rental cars, taxis or songthaews (local pickup truck taxis). You can certainly see Thai and even European families traveling on motorbikes with small children and babies. Unfortunately, accidents can happen even with experienced riders, and the consequences could be very tragic for everyone involved. Besides this, regular medical insurance usually does not cover the cost of the treatment after motor accidents on two-wheeled vehicles.

Medicine in Koh Samui

Don’t forget to buy health insurance for yourself and your children before going to Koh Samui.

No special vaccinations are needed to visit Thailand.

The Thai Attitude toward Children

If you are unaware of how much Thai people love children, you will certainly be surprised once you see how they react to your child. Of course, you may be made uneasy by this public attention with everybody smiling and wanting to touch your kid. Don’t worry though! Thai people really love children and they are very sincere. Often they even behave like kids. The best way out is to smile in reply. Besides, your children will be delighted with the country’s atmosphere of love and warmth.

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