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The local Samui people place special importance in taking care of the island’s unique natural heritage and maintaining the environment in its pristine form. This focus can be seen, for example, in the prohibition of multistoried hotel buildings that favorably distinguishes Koh Samui from the other Thai islands. Local legislation states that houses cannot be built higher than the coconut palms. For property located along the coast, there are even stricter prohibitions. Furthermore, industrial enterprises are not permitted on the island. That is why you can feel the purity of the sea air immediately after stepping off the plane. Because of this, the airport also features as one of the island’s more popular tourist attractions.

Rainy season
in Samui usually occurs during November, so the best time to visit would be during the festive season (Christmas and New Year) and the northern hemisphere’s summer months when there is wonderful weather on the island.

As well as the natural environment, the local people are also a highlight of the island. Thailand is one of the only countries in the world to be primarily Buddhist, and the religion’s philosophy and outlook is definitely reflected in the local culture. Even during the flooding in March 2011, the Thais on Samui were still smiling, as can be seen in photos from the island from that time. Local people are not just tolerant and hospitable, but they are also sincerely happy and satisfied with their lifestyle. The quickly growing economy of the island and increasing wealth from the tourist industry have turned poor peasant coconut farmers into property barons. As a result, warm smiles and laughter are an integral part of everyday life there. You will feel the change the moment that you arrive on Samui and this happier mindset will quickly permeate your heart, mind and soul!

It is no wonder that so many visitors fall in love with the place and go there again and again. They build dream houses or look for luxury villas to rent on Koh Samui in order to be there as often as possible.

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